Dannon Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt Black Cherry

Dannon®. 1/2 the fat of regular ice cream. Oikos® Black Cherry Greek Frozen Yogurt. One pint (473ml). Oikos frozen yogurt: 2.5g fat. Regular ice cream: 7g fat per 1/2 cup. Contains active yogurt cultures including L. acidophilus. Treat yourself to an indulgent frozen yogurt experience! Our Greek frozen yogurt is rich, creamy-thick, and a good source of protein. For more information and to learn about our entire line of products visit: oikosyogurt.com. Oikos is a registered trademark of Stonyfield farm, Inc. used under license by the Dannon Company, Inc. Questions or comments Call toll free 1-877-326-6668 or visit: www.dannon.com. ©2013 The Dannon Company, Inc. A product of the Danone group.