Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes Cereal Lightly Sweetened Graham

Kellogg's Lightly Sweetened Graham Multi-Grain Shapes Rice Krispies Cereal. New! Good source of fiber & made with whole grain. Flavored cereal. Whole Grain. 10g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. A simply delicious balancing act! Good on the go & easy to eat! The crispy wholesome goodness can be enjoyed anywhere. Breakfast time... snack time... anytime fun! Smart move, mom: Made with the simple goodness of rice and other grains, each shape provides fiber plus 12 important vitamins & minerals that growing (and grown-up) kids need-all with 6g of sugar per serving and no artificial flavors. Distinctly delicious! Put a smile on your day with the surprising graham flavor of this tasty new wholesome cereal from Rice Krispies! Have you heard The simple taste of original Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal is a timeless favorite with a familiar sound! Start your day with Kellogg's Cereal and an 8 oz. serving of milk. It's a great way to get fiber, calcium, potassium and even protein. Enjoy! For nutrition information, visit Snap, Crackle, Pop. 100% Recycled Paperboard. Please recycle. Paper box. Recycle if clean & dry - storage drop off - plastic bag. Give us your feedback. Tell us what you think about this new cereal. Talk to us and learn more about other new Kellogg's products. Questions or comments Visit Call 1-800-962-1413. Provide production code on package. , TM, 2014 Kellogg NA Co.