Pearls Simply Olives Pitted California Olives Green Ripe Medium

Pearls® Simply Olives™ Pitted California Olives Green Ripe Medium. Mild buttery taste! Sea salt. Fun at your fingertips!® Our delightful olives are hand-picked and "fresh cured" with only sea salt and water-no artificial preservatives. This simple process celebrates the olives' natural green color and freckled variations letting their delicious, mild, buttery flavor shine through. Nothing like the tart green pimiento stuffed martini olive. So enjoy and have fun! Contains no major food allergen ingredients. Gluten-free. Non-GMO Project Verified. Please recycle. Guaranteed quality. Please provide code from can end with product correspondence. The "Hand With Olives Symbol", fun at your fingertips, and pearls are trademarks of Musco Family Olive Co.™ Call: 866-9-OLIVES (toll-free), weekdays 8-5 PT. © 2016.