Java Trading Coffee, 100% Arabica, Organic, Ground, Medium Roast, Alma Del Cafe

Established 1968. Colombia. Tasting Notes: Medium body, chocolate notes with a hint of nuts. USDA Organic. Voyages of Java Trading: We discover. You enjoy. Since 1968 our traders have traveled the world, forging relationships with farmers who work the land and grow the finest coffee beans available. Our journey took us to lush farmlands, exotic islands, and even the birthplace of coffee. Through the decades and discoveries, Java Trading remains dedicated to ethical sourcing, fair wages, sustainability, and a seed-to-cup process we oversee at every step. We're proud to bring your our fresh, flavorful coffees, and we invite you to enjoy the fruits of our journey with each sip. Java Trading Coffee: Invest in family farms. Support local communities. Dedicated to sustainable farming. Certified Organic By: Texas Department of Agriculture. Questions? Comments? 1-800-758-4437.